March 9th, 2023

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Data Mesh, Origins and Perspectives

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Transform your organisation and maximise the value of Data

Data Mesh-Friendly Networking (on-site)

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« Data Mesh is a decentralized sociotechnical approach to share, access, and manage analytical Data in complex and large-scale environments-within or across organizations.” Zhamak Dehghani,Data Mesh Founder


6:30 pm
Welcome - For on-site participants
7:00 pm
Start of the live session - In discussion with Zhamak Dehghani"Transforming with Data Mesh's: prerequisites and key success factors"
7:45 pm
Q&A session with Zhamak Dehghani
8:00 pm
Expert Opinion + Client use case
8:15 pm
End of the live session / Cocktails & Networking

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Zhamak Dehghani

Data Mesh Founder
CEO & Founder @Nextdata



Data Intelligence Global Director


Data Intelligence France Director


Cloud & Data Architect


Datamesh in a nutshell

From Data Aware

Over the last two decades, all companies and organisations have recognised the importance of using data to meet their objectives. They have undertaken significant changes to integrate their management and use in their processes. These changes have led them to a "Data Aware" model, then "Data Centric" to arrive at a "Data Driven" model, in which the Data Information System coexist with the operational Information System, sharing a common objective of delivering value. To get the very best out of data, these Data Information System have adopted a centralised approach, creating the ability to combine any data with each other: ensuring that the value of the data is maximised.

To Data Driven

As these companies and organisations successfully exploit the Data Driven model, business operations generate and consume more and more data, making the Data IS : Complex to operate, Critical and Dependent on new business challenges. At Talan, we are convinced that many of our clients are facing a data-driven bottleneck in their model, created by the opposition of the uses of a "Domain Driven Oriented" Operational Information System versus a Monolithic Data Information System. In the light of this problem, we guide them through the final stage of their model: an Operational Information System and Data that combine to form a single entity and "product" teams that think about their data and the new associated services. The Data Mesh approach therefore seems particularly interesting to us, and we will present it during this exceptional exclusive event.

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